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Heyyyyy babies~

I know, it's been fucking forever. A loooot of shit has gone down and ummm basically my life is kind of shit right now and fucking has been for a goddamn long time. I've fucking lost my job (though there's some legal shit I'm dealing with wrt that and I might not actually? Complicateddd~) and Lia and pretty much any fucking control I've ever had on anything. Back on meds and in therapy (nooot that I was really out of it before I was just really bad about going? >___>;;haa) baaaasically by force because otherwise I woulda lost Mimi and I don't know if I could've fucking dealt with that. Sooo. Yyyyep! That's what's happening. Fucking wonderful.

At least Ela's still around and like. Idk I guess putting up with me. Even if she was the one who fucking betrayed me to the police and had me dragged off to an institution. Like. I can't. Everyone keeps saying "oh you'll forgive her, you'll see it was better this way" but I guess I'm not to that point yet, you know? But she's still like, sticking by me. Which is good I guess, unless she's just doing it to watch me and make sure I don't fuck up again.

Let's be real here, I'm probly gonna fuck up again. I mean, we know me, right?

I miss my fucking house. I feel so goddamn exposed in this one.

Idk when I'll be back but hopefully shit'll be better because fuck, my life has been depressing as balls lately and there's no point in writing about it for everyone to see. Idk babies leave me happy things? :( I'll give you gifs in return even if I don't have the ol collection anymore?

ETA luuuuulz I was totally going to post a gif into this but I can't even upload shit to the internet correctly anymore so fuck youuu tooooo, life. (.______.)


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