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Name:dead angel
Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
~*~i have a bullet with your name on it~*~

Skylar. Biracial. Genderfuck. Addict. Prone to dancing around the house whether anyone's watching or not. Uses DW like Tumblr. Likes windowseats and a good book. Barring that, a hard night out. Child at heart and always will be. Jackass troll. Spoiled brat. Older than you. Lucky as shit. The hottest bitch in heels right here.

Preferred pronouns are he/him. But I don't really mind when you fuck up sometimes, because it's funny to fuck with the binary. ^_~

~*~line 'em up, rock 'em down~*~

This journal is mostly public. There'll be the occasional locked post, and I'll probably set up a few filters for my really cray-cray shit, but for the most part, what you see is what you get, baby.

: Filter Opt-In sticky :: Filter-Only Sticky :

If you know me irl, I'd appreciate it if you didn't out me. I'm pretty fucking obvious on here (checkit, my real name up thar), but I don't want my shit being dragged through the dirt, mkay? I can and will delete the internet if necessary. :|
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