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Sooooo omg.

The fourth. Was. Awesome. And I like totally forgot that I posted that thing with my phone last night. >____> Haaaa~

There are still people here, which is a little weird and I think I'm gonna kick them out soon but whatever, it's not like they can get into the parts of the house that actually matter and the rest of the place is like TRASHED right now. 9___9

Idek where to start. I guess like, on the 3rd I suddenly was all "Skylar we have not actually had anyone over in awhile" mostly because Mari imed me asking what I was doing for the 4th and I automatically was all uh, partying. And then decided that I was actually going to, instead of going out, because I didn't really feel like going out but wanted to be around people again. Since I've been getting all ffffffffff again lately. Buuuuut that is not important!

I pretty much kind of threw everything together really fast, got a shit ton of food for everyone and like, pretty much invited everyone that I hang out with on a semi-regular basis (since I only really go out like once a month it's hard to really be friends with people yanno?). I told a few they could bring their friends but I kinda regretted that later, idk, it wigs me out to see people I don't know around my shit. BUT WHATEVER. Plus they were Mari's friends and Rae's, who is the other girl I end up clubbing with a lot. I also texted Ela and was all INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS WE ARE HAVING A PARTY which probably gave her a heart attack or something XP

But yeah, got a lot of food, got the soundsystem set up outside, acquired myself a bunch of fireworks and a bunch of alcohol and a bunch of drugs because it's like I told Ela: I got the fireworks and the drugs to enjoy them. 9__9 And set up caretakers for Mimi in case she got to be too much for Lia, who can't actually do much because of the meds she's on. They'd mix weird and it would just be really fucking bad, so I don't really let her touch my shit. Well, my drugs, anyway. ;P

Buuuut yeah, like, 20 people showed up at first, some of them people I knew and some of them Ela's weird friends. Mari and Rae I already mentioned, and Rae brought some guy Nick and his girlfriend (I think) whose name I can't remember and Mari actually apparently dragged someone I knew from when I was like 20 that she'd kept in touch with there, Jazele, so that was kinda awk but whatevs. She was cool, even if idk that she really knew wtf she was doing there. XD Plus a bunch of my friends from the clubs, who I dont' feel like listing off as giving you a bunch of names that probably don't mean anything is boring and my head still kinda hurts. So yeah, the point is a bunch of people showed up eventually.

For awhile we just kinda hung around and ate food (well they ate food but Mari and Ela ganged up on me and got me to have a little bit even though I'd eaten beforehand while I was preparing all the food >:| ) and drank (did I mention I also got alcohol? I got acohol.) and some people spent awhile like, chasing each other around with supersoakers. It was really hot out even then, like, in the 90's even at 6pm still. At least it felt like it was. Everyone pretty much had full run of the grounds and some of the house. Idk everyone kind of just dicked around and ate stuff for the first few hours, though Ela eventually took over grilling because the heat was kiiinda getting to me, esp as my drug of choice tends to make me slightly feverish annnd I might have prepped a bit before the party even started so I could let people into the house.

Whatever, there was at one point an epic game of laser tag in the basement, and I dragged the projector outside so we could watch stuff on that, even though at that point i wasn't even interested in watching anything. Mimi and Lia ran around with us for awhile, until everyone started getting really fucked up, and then Lia and the caretakers took Mimi off to the locked parts of th house because even if I am a fuckup, I'm not going to let my kid get into shit while I can't watch her, or be around that shit.

Thaaaat was also possibly around the point at which some people were going to watch the live feed of the fireworks downtown (you can only kinda see them from my house) on the projector, and I may have wandered off with a friend of mine for a quickie in the house. This friend? Really fucking good in bed (or uh, conference table) even though I'm not really that attracted to guys. 9__9 Tmi, whatever, I swear like everyone hooked up with everyone else at one point but I wasn't really paying attention. We wandered back out when it sounded like they were starting to set off my fireworks because like hell I was going to miss that. Ela'd let Mimi come back for a bit and she got to play with the sparklers, which is, yanno, THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVAR. I took like 9238485 photos of her (among all the rest of the ones from the night) and if I wasn't like, completely anti-posting pictures of me or my fam on the intartubes I probably would show you. As much as she's a little terror she can be really fucking adorable when she wants.

We ended up lighting a lot of shit on fire that we probably shouldn't have, but that's what happens when you get a bunch of fucked up people playing with fireworks, and we didn't burn anything down so its fine. Ended up eventually just kind of...starting a rave in my backyard, which kept us busy for awhile after that though people kept disappearing and reappearing. I don't aaaactually remember a lot of it, though Ela says that she saw me at one point cornering one of her friends to like, ramble at them about something or other really emphatically. I asked her what about and she said she hadn't given enough of a fuck to find out. XD Idk, I went back to the house a few times with a few different people, because if I'm going to party I'm going to party, and eventually I had to go put Lia to bed, which took like an hour. :9 The rest of it's more of a blur, like I said, but if the pictures I've got are any indication, we had fun. XD

I think Ela and Mari might actually have spent the night together, which is kind of adorable in a weird way, tbh. Though idk where Iris was. Ela was all "she's too young for this" which is bullshit because uh, wtf, half the people there were like, 20. Whatever, I ended up awake after a lot of everyone else either went to any of the empty guest rooms to fuck or sleep or both, and Kyra found me wandering around in this daze in the halls. The completely fucking trashed halls. XD I...don't actually remember how we got to the theater downstairs but we spent a long time in it talking about shit, the only part of which I remember is talking about when I was a teenager people scared the shit out of me and like, different medical diagnoses we've had for stuff, mostly I remember talking about the ana crap with her for awhile because she's never actually known someone as old as me who still deals with it? Annnd I don't actually remember how we got to the room we crashed in, but it was like 9am when we got there and we uh, didn't really crash right away. Like I said, everyone hooked up with everyone. Only I didn't sleep with Ela or Mari, so I can say I didn't make any mistakes I'll regret in the morning. Or that I regretted in the morning. XD

I woke up at like 7:30 and was so completely hung the fuck over that I swear I didn't move for twenty hours, even though it was only really two. Both Ela AND Lia came looking for me at different times, and Lia was just like "blah blah tell me about the rest of the party blah" which I totally didn't have the energy for, so I kicked her out. Ela tried to get me to eat again, which is lolaaaaarious, but eventually just kind of flopped on the bed with me and talked for awhile, so that was unexpectedly nice. Sometimes I forget why we're even friends and then she does shit like that.

She also made Mimi and all the guests that didn't go home breakfast, like the fucking angel she is. I am SO glad she took care of Mimi because if she'd come to bother me while I was still being a lump in bed I would have like, idk. I'd say I'd have yelled at her but I think that would have just made me throw up at that point. -___-;; I would have been UNHAPPY, though.

but yeah. Then I dragged my ass out of bed, checked up on my email to see if there was work shit to deal with (there wasn't! yay!) and took stock of the damage to the house. And then my computer tried to eat itself, so I'm busy fixing that, though rn I'm taking a break. Still feel a little bit like utter steamrolled shit, but it was so worth it. Oh my god. I am neither going to need to eat, fuck, dance, or get high for a MONTH.

Now I am going to take a motherfucking shower because I am still death warmed over and I need to feel like a person again. Ugh.

Oh god you guys I didn't even put any images in this. I will have to do a picspam at some point to make up for this WALL OF TEXT I just threw at you.
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