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So I might have woken up four hours ago. Yeah. At 8. This is what happens when you work at home: ZERO SLEEP SCHEDULE. 8D But this means I can spend some time repairing all the shit that exploded during my three-hour nap yesterday.

Last night was fucking epic, by the way. I have to remember to leave the house to do that more often, and it was so good to see Mari again (as you might have guessed from my last entries). She looks fucking amazing now, no shit. But yeah, we went to dinner and she insisted on paying for her half, and then out to the club. Far too much to drink, and since this was one of the ones I frequent, I knew exactly where to get what I needed, since Mari's decided she's not enabling me anymore. :( So yeah, way too drunk and way too high, but really fucking hard night anyway. In a good way.

A really good way. Shit, I needed that.

Ended up going back to Mari's at like 4am, because she wanted to grab food again after the clubs closed. At least this time she didn't try to get me to have anything. Greasy spoon food -- NO THANKS esp being so fucked up. I'd just throw it all back up again. Ugh. But yeah, got back to her place at 4 and put her to bed (no Ela not like that) and then ended up spending the rest of the night making her old desktop work again. There is like, nothing to do in her house except that and watch TV and late-night television gets really boring if you don't have the interesting channels. I hung around until she woke up again (had to sober up), she tried to make me breakfast, I gave her what I owed her for her rent (lol that sounds like I'm paying a hooker or something, uh no) and took off for home.

I don't know what it is with me. I fucking forget how much I love being out with people when I'm in the house so I turn into a fucking crazy cat lady. Except. I don't like our cats. (The only reason we still have them around is because of Lia, seriously.) But then someone drags me out or I just make myself leave and I'm like, why the fuck did I ever sit in the house for a month? Because this is the best thing ever! I always end up feeling a little more normal after a night out like this. Usually, I guess.

I don't think about it too hard most of the time.


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